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How to use a plastic wrap while moving?

It’s a must-have packing supply for your furniture protection!

The flexible plastic film is one of the most efficient and functional materials and can be used in different ways:

  1. Bundling items together. Plastic wrap keeps furniture parts, such as the cabinet doors or drawers closed and secure hold electronic cables, cords, hoses and other appliance attachments.
  2. Protecting the furniture, electronics, artworks and other belongings from scratches and damages.
  3. Tight rolling of the rugs to free-up space in a moving truck for other items.
  4. Keeping blankets around furniture without tape.

Here are some tips for using a plastic wrap for a move:

  1. Clean and dry your furniture before using a wrap.
  2. Disassemble the items and empty all the drawers and shelves.
  3. Wrap the large item. Tuck a strip of plastic wrap into a secure place and walk around holding the roll on both ends. Wrapping the smaller object is pretty easy. Just hold it still while you cover it with this material (you can ask someone to help you).
  4. Pay attention, unwrapped corners can scratch wall or doorways, so use special pads or cardboard pieces and place them under the plastic wrap. 

Now you are aware of using the plastic wrap for moving. If you have any specific questions about this or other packing supply, leave us a comment below.

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