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Storage: How to prepare?

Moving soon or cleaning some clutter? GETMOVERS’ storage provides a very convenient solution for your needs. Moving your goods to a storage unit is a great way to free up some space without throwing away your items.

GetMovers wish to share some useful advice with you!

Firstly, work out what require to put into a storage unit and what you don’t. Make sure your belongings will fit the unit you’ve chosen. Check if your storage is climate-controlled.

Secondly, prepare all needed packing tools and proper supplies. Use them for efficient compact packing. Remember to pack heavy and large items first. Don’t forget to protect all your items using boxes, plastic wrap, tape, blankets, pads, etc.

Have a look at our previous post about packing tips:

Next, carefully load and move your goods into a storage unit. The best way is to use the professional well-equipped team – GETMOVERS. We would be happy to provide moving and storage services and accommodate all your needs!

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