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How to protect my valuable artworks during the move?

Moving fragile or unique items may be a scary process, that’s why GetMovers would like to share some useful advice for a successful move.

What you need?

  1. Bubble wrap
  2. Painters’ Tape
  3. Clean packing paper (Don’t use newspaper. It can leave ink marks onto your artwork)
  4. Boxes in proper size
  5. Markers

Packing steps:

  1. If your artwork is covered with a glass pane, place an “X” using a painters’ tape.
  2. Wrap your painting in several layers of plastic wrap to protect the painted face.
  3. Cover the artwork with paper and bubble wrap. Place it on a packing paper and wrap the ends of the paper around the frame, like a present.
  4. Use the cardboard corners to protect unique or valuable frames.
  5. Wrap the item with several layers of the bubble wrap to provide padding.
  6. Place the artwork in a box and fill it with move padding if needed.
  7. Don’t forget to mark the box as a “fragile item”. Use a marker or a tape.

Now your artwork will be delivered without damages or scratches. Experienced and skilled GETMOVERS are aware of moving unique items, so book your successful move right now! We’ll take grate care of your valuable belongings!

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