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How to effectively pack boxes for moving or storage?

A huge part of moving is getting your possessions packed in boxes. As experienced professionals in the moving industry, GetMovers will share how to pack boxes for moving or storage.

As well as to using card boxes, there are other packing tools and equipment to make the moving much smother and simpler. So gather needed packing supplies such as tape, packing paper, plastic wrap, permanent marker.

Firstly, sort your belongings by a category and group similar items together.

Pack the box almost fully. Remember to pack heavy items first, wrapping them with bubble wrap. Place them in the bottom of the box and then put lighter wrapped stuff on top. If your boxes aren’t full, add excess moving paper; otherwise, they might break during the transportation.

Packing fragile belongings takes longer. Make sure each item like glassware, mirror, lampshade etc. thoroughly wrapped and only them put them into the box.

Now seal the box with strong tape (first, across the top of the box with flaps, then against the flaps).

The last but not least, label with a marker each box with its contents and room to make the move more efficient and quick.

Now all of your possessions are well protected, and you are ready for a long move!

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