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How to protect a heavy piano while moving?

Moving an awkward piano is a strenuous and so tedious task. We want to make moving easier and less stressful, so GetMovers made a guide for you!

First thing first, take measurements. It’s utmost important to measure not only the dimensions of the piano, but also any place in your home that the piano will pass through before the move! Make certain you measured all the doorways, stairwells, hallways, etc.

Second, find the appropriate packing and moving equipment and instruments to protect yourself and the piano. Gather the following items: plastic wrap, thick towels and blankets, heavy-duty tape for covering the instrument; dolly, straps, ramp for moving.

Then clear the moving way and remove all the items on your way. Next, wrap the piano (don’t forget to protect the piano keys and piano pedals with separate mind blankets or pads). Cover with a blanket or towels and tape to secure. Make sure you well protected the walls and floor on the path you’ll move it.

Once your piano is safe and thoroughly secured, lift it onto the four-wheel dolly with straps. Then rope it and move as careful as possible. When pushing the heavy piano board call some family members or friends to prevent any unwanted accidents. Finely push the instrument up the truck ramp and make sure you keep it positioned vertically.

Finally, follow the same sequence at your destination. Don’t forget to re-tune the piano and gibe it good cleaning.

As you see, moving the piano is not for the faint of heart. Your best decision is to hire a professional team from GETMOVERS and let them prevent damage and give you the support in such challenging task.

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