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How to move your kitchen appliances and electronic devices in a safe manner?

Need to move your stove, dishwasher, refrigerator or other kitchen appliance?

It may seem pretty simply to prepare for kitchen moving, but in fact it can be time-consuming and complicated task. So follow GetMovers’ advice to avoid any last minute troubles.

  1. Unplug and empty the electronics. Each unit should be secure plagued to the back (use a packing tape). Pay attention, the refrigerator must be unplugged no less than 24 hours in advance of the move.
  2. Clean all the kitchen appliances. It would make the relocation much easier. Be alert with a stove and a microwave oven, it should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Be careful with gas lines! You may want to consult with your gas company.
  3. Remove all the detachable parts, such as the shelves, containers, racks, holders, hoses, etc. and pack them separately in a box.
  4. Wrap every single item with the packing blankets, bubble wrap, tape, straps, sliders and other specialized equipment for a secure protection. Our strong and well-trained movers would be glad to help with lifting and loading the heavy belongings, so please don’t move the large appliances by yourself.
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GETMOVERS offer professional packing service for the extra protection, using modern moving equipment to your experience as easy as possible!

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